The dance season runs September through June, corresponding directly to the Frederick County Public School Year Calendar.  Dance class is an excellent extracurricular activity for both boys and girls.  By studying dance, young children can enhance their hand-eye coordination skills, counting, rhythm and other basic techniques.  Dance class will teach children, teens and adults skills such as balance, flexibility, and self-discipline.  Obtaining these fundamentals can only help those interested in pursuing sports, music, or other related activities.

The following illustrates the basic price list for dance classes at Bettie Jane’s Center of Dance Art. Tuition is paid monthly on the first week of each month.

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Annual Registration Fees:
$30.00 per student
$75.00 per family (3 or more)

Class Rates
30 min. Class = $50.00/Month
45 min. Class = $55.00/Month
1 Hour Class = $60.00/Month
1 1/4 Hour Class  =  $70.00/Month
1 1/2 Hour Class – 2 Hour Class   =  $75.00/Month
Class Rates for Irish Dance
Ages 7 & up – 1/2 Hour Soft Shoe, 1/2 Hour Hard Shoe
1 Hour Class  =  $70.00/Month

Unlimited Classes per family Maximum Rate is:
** 1 person max rate $200.00 per month w/o Irish Class
1 person max rate $220.00 per month with Irish Class**
2 person Family $250.00 per month w/o Irish Class
2 person Family $300.00 per month with Irish Class

A 10% discount is offered to anyone who chooses to pay for the year within the first month of classes. And a 5% discount is available to those who pay up front for September through January and then again for February through June.

Registration for classes resume each September,
For further information, contact

Mrs. Bettie Jane Bryant
Phone:  301-473-5354