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Ages 11+


We offer an expansive range of styles for intermediate, advanced, and adult dancers to participate in. Classes can be taken in any combination, and we offer bundle deals for multiple classes and tuition caps for families with several dancers. These classes all perform in our annual Showcase of Stars.

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Intermediate | Advanced | Adult

Dancers build upon the foundational tap steps and begin to incorporate more complex patterns and rhythms.


Intermediate | Advanced | Adult

Dancers learn jazz technique and adapt to modern interpretations.


Intermediate | Advanced

Dancers who train in pointe build their strength and advance their ballet skills.


Intermediate | Advanced

Dancers adapt ballet technique into this style that closely embodies the story or theme of a song.

Musical Theater

Beginner | Intermediate

Dancers learn to express and emote through their movement in a theatrical setting and set scenes that follow a specific story.


Intermediate | Advanced | Adult

Dancers continue to explore the nuances of ballet and practice to both classical and contemporary music. 


Intermediate | Advanced | Adult

Dancers continue to learn the Irish technique and dance to both traditional and contemporary songs.


Intermediate | Advanced

Dancers explore classic hip-hop moves and techniques, while also working on flexibility and specialized leaps and tricks.


Intermediate | Advanced

Dancers explore techniques of these progressive styles and learn to subvert conventional methods of moving.


All ages

This all-boys class covers multiple styles and freely explores difference genres throughout the year.

Absolutely I would recommend [Bettie Jane's] dance studio. I danced at her studio for years and years. I absolutely LOVED dancing with her and the instructors!!

Dawn Mason

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